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Art suggestive square

Gennady Lavrenuk - one of few artists of the generation who have kept the creative independence from numerous main-stream of art of Saint Petersburg. Despite of his thorough academic school and irreproachable possession of traditional receptions of the fine arts, essence of the concept of creativity of Gennady Lavrenuk - in refusal of "making" a picture by a brush.

The artist essentially does not declare the creativity and does not make comments on the products, trusting spectators and critics think about results of the work.

" Aspiration to naturalness in art which is shown in the form of art suggestive square, or, perhaps, simply a square. It consists of my biography, an origin, formation and from my character. For me all the same what material and what technics " - that's all words of the artist about and about the works.

In opinion of Gennady Lavrenuk, the certificate of creativity is a reaction of the person to a power pulse from surrounding life. And the phenomenon it, most likely, about biological and genetic. There is a life, it in itself, without persuasive maxims and declarations. As well art, that is proper response of the artist to existence.

Therefore "it is simple squares of " Gennady Lavrenuk "sprout naturally" from a reality, time and space.

As an example of a creative pulse from a reality, time and space - a square of 2004 " The Requiem (September - New York - Beslan) ": a falling angel among fire, a smoke and the fused armature. Now we know, that there were angels. To realize senseless it is impossible.

Reaction of the artist and simply the person: a square. A point.

Dr. Sharon Marie Carnicke
Professor University of Southern California,
Los Angeles.

Business International magazine, 1/2 1998

When I first stood in Gennady Lavrenuk's studio, I was engulfed by paintings that hung an every wall, and stood in every nook and cranny of the room. Moreover, I felt surrounded by the kind of art that reaches out across nations and across generations, that binds us all together in one common humanity. As I looked closer, I saw dramatic movement in static images, joy in the playful use of color and form, and theatrical excitement in the spacial relationships. Gennady creates art than will endure.

Michael Shcheglov
the artist.

Catalogue 1996 .

Gennady Lavrenuk - the charming person. His charm and energy accompanying this charm gives rise completely special to the artist and the person. The person who is obligatory in company, the person to whom all materials with what it deals - glass, paper, tree, and paints are submitted. Therefore he is the artist using opportunities of his human nature.

His world - from refined collages, up to not less refined graphic cycles with inventive forms of subjects and colour scores, from bewitching and fantastic theatrical performances up to picturesque canvases, complex and full of riddles and the ciphered symbols.

My personal perception of Gennady Lavrenuk's creativity demands some efforts, and I, by virtue of other criteria, sometimes protest, our systems of flavouring sensations not always coincide, but the unconditional respect for the artist and the person reconciles me with that small share of the protest which arises in me, and I come round before energy and belief in this person.

Let the god bless him to success.

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